Window Cleaning Services

At Tartoos General Contracting & Cleaning Service we understand the difficulty in maintaining glass and mirror finish window panes. Some of the difficulties that may arise while cleaning windows are:

  • Large length of windows makes it difficult to clean without the right harness ropes
  • If proper cleaning material is not used, the window panes may get stained with soap and water residual. 
  • Glass is a highly breakable material and hence extra care must be taken while handling glass. A shattered glass may cause grievous injuries. 

Owing to all these difficulties it is necessary to leave the window cleaning services to the professionals. 
Hiring professional window cleaning services like Tartoos General Contracting & Cleaning Service will benefit you greatly. Here are some of the advantages of appointing Qatar Maid services as your trusted window cleaning services company:Tartoos General Contracting & Cleaning Service

Professional Cleaning Means Safe Cleaning

We provide professional window cleaning services to our clients. Our team of experts ensure the use of safe and secure ropes and harness to clean high window panes, grills and glass.

Quality Cleaning Material

At Tartoos General Contracting & Cleaning Service we use only quality products and detergents thereby making certain that your windows and grills are spotlessly clean.

Fast and Reliable

Our professionalism reflects in the time we take to clean your commercial and residential window panes. We are quick, fast and the best at window cleaning services.

Incidental Observations

Since we use high ladders and ropes to clean windows at a height, we tend to notice dangerous cracks, bee hives, cobwebs or any other potentially dangerous developments around your home. We observe corners that are not visible to the common eye. Our team will inform you of their observations so that you can tend to the problem quickly, before
it becomes a major issue. 

Enhances the Look of Your Home

As window panes and glass are usually on the face of your home, it needs to be well maintained so that your home looks perfect from the outside. 
Also from the inside, clean windows give you a perfect picture of the world outside. 
Regarded as one of the best window cleaning services companies in Qatar, our team at Qatar Maid services offer reliable window cleaning services at affordable rates.