Deep Cleaning Services

With normal passage of time, living areas accumulate thick layers of dirt and dust, despite regular cleaning. Deep cleaning services are required to remove these layers of dirt from your home or office. Also deep cleaning helps in the removal of bacteria and kills germs off surfaces, keeping your area safe and healthy. 

Deep cleaning refers to the hard core cleaning of areas in your home or commercial space. It more or less refers to a more thorough cleaning than cleaning services. 

Regular cleaning done on a daily basis may not bring out desired results when it comes to unreachable spots. This is where deep cleaning services are required. 

At Tartoos General Contracting & Cleaning Service we provide deep cleaning services for your home and place of business. We ensure thorough and exhaustive spotless cleanings services. 

Our deep cleaning services do not only mean cleaning from the surface. We ensure thorough cleaning of all parts of the house. Our range of deep cleaning services are not restricted to the main rooms of a house or office building. We provide deep cleaning services for the entire house and office premises including lobbies, living rooms and kitchen

Our expert team has the required knowledge and expertise when it comes to using specialised products for articular surfaces like wood, marble and tiles. 

At Tartoos General Contracting & Cleaning Service, we ensure that our team is always well prepared when it comes to regular and deep cleaning services. We use only perfectly safe soaps and detergents while cleaning. Our team of experts are well experienced when it comes to deep cleaning techniques and the use of modern cleaning equipment. 

Our deep cleaning services include an exhaustive list of services:

  • Upholstery and mattress cleaning
  • Carpet cleaning
  • Cleaning of unreachable and tough spots
  • Acid washes 
  • Wet and dry clean
  • Vacuuming
  • Cobweb removals among other cleaning services

We are regarded as one of the top deep cleaning services in Qatar. Our commitment to our work and dedication have earned us repeated customers over the years. We have a team of professionally trained and skilled staff who offer quality services to the best of their abilities. Our customers are never left unsatisfied. We do all in our ability to provide our customers the best deep cleaning services in Qatar.