Office Cleaning Services

We are aware that every business owner needs to keep their office premises clean and hygienic at all times. It is one of the foremost principles of developing an excellent working culture. 

There are several reasons, business owners want to keep their premises clean:

◉ A clean office provides an inviting space for customers and prospective investors. 

◉ Keeping an organised and clean office provides a perfect environment to work, thereby increasing efficiency of the staff and workers.

◉ Unlike a home, an office becomes a meeting point for several people coming from different parts of the city. It becomes necessary to sanitise the premises every now and then to avoid contamination of any sorts.

◉ One of the factors affecting the overall wellbeing of a company or
business is the cleanliness of the premises.

◉ Creates a great first impression with customers

◉ A clean office reduces the germs and bacteria in the air and provides a healthy atmosphere to your staff and visitors. A healthy worker is directly proportional to his/her efficiency. 

Keeping the office space clean is very important. However, many times, it may not be possible to keep the office premises in a clean condition. It may be due to various factors such as insufficient housekeeping staff, lack of time and resources or financial constraints. 

Here, Tartoos General Contracting & Cleaning Service are at your beck and call. Find professional office cleaning services for all types of offices and businesses. We offer a range of office cleaning services irrespective of the size of your business or premise. 
As one of the premier office cleaning services companies in Qatar, we provide quality cleaning services, using the most trusted and environmentally friendly equipment and cleaning agents. From your company’s walkway, entrance points, stairways, desks and ceilings, our team of experts are skilled and adept in providing deep cleaning services in office spaces. 

Our range of services include, but are not limited to the following 

◉ Reception Areas
◉ Desks, chairs and Workspaces
◉ Hallways
◉ Meeting Room
◉ Stairs and Elevators
◉ Restrooms
◉ Floors (Vacuuming and Mopping)
◉ Office Kitchens (Microwave and Beverage Station)
◉ Lounges and Break Rooms – Common Areas
◉ Store Room
◉ Walkway and entrances
◉ Parking Area
◉ Visitors Room
◉ Carpet cleaning
◉ Sofa cleaning
◉ Lights/Fans/AC’s/ Electrical switchboards
◉ Door/Window cleaning among a range of other office cleaning

We offer thorough deep cleaning services as part of our office cleaning services. We deep clean and scrub commonly touched surfaces like telephone receivers, door knobs, restroom handles and switches.  Tartoos General Contracting & Cleaning Service is regarded as one of the top office cleaning services in Qatar.